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Combining social media with instruction opens up whole new worlds and digital lives for students. Elastic Class Lessons take traditional and required subject matter and add a twist of social media to create unique and inspired learning experiences. Read more

What We Do

We strategically and creatively add social media to classroom instruction. We visit schools to educate about social media. We stretch classroom walls and students' minds. Read more

Who We Are

Elastic Class was founded by an award-winning Advanced Placement teacher and a communications professional - both sharing a passion for technology and how social media constantly influences the world. Read more

From The Blog

Edugaging Kids About Social Media

Need to inform students about your school’s social media policy? Combine engagement and education using this step-by-step Prezi.

Enough With Social’s Whats, Let’s Talk Hows

Social media presentations are sadly still focused on the basics. Audience members are at fault…and should demand more.

The Social Media Monkey Wrench

Five examples of how social media’s ever-changing nature complicates professional use – and tips to deal with it.

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